About Us

Tebeth Mentors and Scholarship Information Center was establishin 2018.aiming at bringing awareness to the society about scholarship information’s offered by different countries.

TMSIC aims to create real people with real success stories by link students with universities that offers world-class, cross-disciplinary   and best quality education under Scholarship programs hence providing   unique platform that explores opportunities to experience the joy of learning, the wonders of new knowledge and to unearth their limitless potential and capabilities. As we believe in good knowledge foundation can tailor ones qualification to suit all your future ambitions.

As In today busy world we think that learning should fit around your life, rather than your life around learning. While they are so many possibilities but so little standing in our way. TMSIC provide the answer of where will your path to success lead you?


Through mentorship programs that involves innovative thinking, practice, character building, motivating, and stand out from completion, human capabilities and creativity, TMSIC focuses on discover true full potential hence we leave stone unturned to guide, mentor, nurture, and prepare you to meet the global requirements both personal and professional our gift to you and our nation are strong and ethical leaders who will shape and change the destiny and future of the world.

As most of employers all over the world are looking for people with the breadth of knowledge who can adapt to all the demands of modern –day business. TMSIC is focusing on develop variety of skills employers are increasingly looking for.

Enjoy our support every step of the way!!!!!!

Our Mission

Rising awareness among Tanzanian Scholars on the basement trails concerning scholarship programmes across the globe in a worldwide perspective, in respect to emplyoment and enterpreneurship market

Being middlemen to the scholars that will be in need of scholars that will be inned of scholarship awards and granyts from both government and University across the universe

Requiretment of students thatwill be impressed and redy to apply for scholarship programme

Our Vision

As tebeth mentors we have a big task to make the world a better place 

Our first vision is to create every day life for people

Secondly is to bring inspiration and innovation to every scholar

A world without Aizheimer's disease

To be a nerd of all your needs