Career Counselling and Guidance

Change your direction

Not a goal.

Focusing on course selection with respect to employment and entrepreneurship market .TMSIC connects you with appropriate coach via webinar sessions and mentorship programmes that can lead you to discover one true potential, self awareness and talent, henceforth eliminating AIZHEIMER 'S DISEASE.

Travelling Arrangement

Life is an adventure;Live it!

  • Flight booking.

  • Preparing and checking all general documents required for travelling.

  • Airport Pickup.

  • Reaching your destination safe and sound.

University and course selection

Success is not accident, 

But a planned event.

Knowing the Accreditated universities and meeting the credits of persuated course with reference to TCU (TANZANIA COMMISION FOR UNIVERSITIES) guide lines.

Mentorship Programme

Every great achievement is inspired bu a great mentor

The is life after University. There are a lot to do inorder to achieve what you want. Mentorship programmes forcuses to build determined people out of their career and to be good on twhat they have studied. We guide you and  teach you whatyour career will lead you as Enterprenuer and innovator and not job seeker 

Visa and Passport Apllication Process

Life is an adventure;Live it!

As travelling to foreign country passport is needed,TMSIC we start guiding you step by step on how to get passport and ensure to get ontime  for application when passport is needed.

Visa application is done by our team and all the process are done by us together with free coaching on Interviews 

Webinar Session

Insirational leads and teaches us 

We make sure you determine your potential with great mentors acorss the world. We create different webinar session with big Enterprenuers ,Proffessors, Leaders and many  different succeful people to lead,guide and show you how to brand yourself as Educated person on what you do.

Our Service